About Indie Asset Partners

Indie Asset Partners offers investment advisory services for high net worth individuals, groups, and institutions. Each engagement begins with gaining a firm understanding of clients’ needs, goals, and risk tolerance. We then manage their assets to reflect those characteristics. We advise a number of clients whose main goals are wealth preservation and steady income, while others prefer the perceived risk of greater returns. Our primary philosophy is managing your money as if it were our own.

At Indie Asset Partners, our investment disciplines and strategies are our own.  We focus on reducing exposure to market volatility through diversification and the use of technical and macroeconomic analysis. We strive to anticipate and take advantage of market trends through use of a disciplined asset management approach. We find value across a variety of asset classes like common and preferred equities, bonds, currencies, commodities, and alternative funds, creating individualized, balanced portfolios that support the goals of our clients.

Our team of investment advisors has a wide range of collective experience in managing portfolios through good and bad times, bull and bear markets, and periods of high volatility. This experience has led us to create proprietary research and methodology focused on regularly balancing a mix of assets based upon market conditions. In the end, our goal is to achieve positive returns at risk levels comfortable for each of our clients.

"Our primary philosophy is managing your money as if it were our own."

No matter the asset size or sophistication of our clients, Indie Asset Partners holds firmly to three major principles:



Correctly predicting market movements or selecting a winning equity certainly involves some degree of risk. But risk favors the prepared mind. In the long run, we believe detailed and diligent research will generate superior outcomes. Clients trust us with their hard-earned wealth, and it is our duty to work just as hard to manage that wealth.



Understanding client goals and risk tolerance is imperative to generating appropriate returns. With these factors in mind, we adhere to our strict discipline in both bull and bear markets and manage money through the use of stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds, and alternative investments.



We recognize that achieving results for our clients is important. But, performance by itself is insufficient without regular communication, a full understanding our clients’ goals, and sharing our guidance. Establishing a personal relationship with our clients is a critical element to obtaining the desired results.


Experience comes in many forms and in many ways. As business owners, investors, parents, spouses, and friends, life has given us opportunities to gain wisdom. As investors, for example, we have seen several real estate cycles, Intel sell at $60 per share, Apple sell at $2 per share, Treasuries yield 15%, and more. This experience provides a perspective on market fluctuations and an awareness of potential irrational movements. In addition to the many years of investment management by the investment advisors at Indie Asset Partners, there is a wealth of practical experience from taking risk in personal investment decisions. This contributes to an even greater concern for our clients’ money. We will not recommend vehicles in which we would not invest ourselves.

Strength & Safety

Indie Asset Partners uses Charles Schwab & Co. as the primary custodian for client assets. Monthly statements are generated by Schwab, affording our clients the security of outside verification of their asset values and returns. In addition, Indie Asset Partners provides each client a quarterly analysis of their accounts and our advisory performance. Clients’ Schwab accounts are covered by SIPC insurance.

"Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain liquid."

~John Maynard Keynes