Kevin Alerding Joins Indie Asset Partners to Launch a New Indianapolis-Based Family Office

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Indie Asset Partners is excited to announce that Kevin Alerding has joined the firm as a partner and will serve as director of the firm’s newly-established Family Office. Kevin comes to IAP from the Indianapolis-based law firm Ice Miller, LLP, where he was a partner in the firm’s Trusts & Estates practice group. You can review Kevin’s professional biography on IAP’s website. We are pleased to offer this level of sophistication through our Family Office, and we are excited about the future.

Kevin’s assistant is Jenny Scheffsky. Kevin and Jenny worked together at Ice Miller, and we are delighted that Jenny is also joining the IAP Family Office as senior client administrator.

2018 will be a big year, and you should expect even more changes from IAP. Soon you will be able to access your accounts, including your stocks, bonds, and alternative investments, through a single IAP website portal, and you will have the option to receive your quarterly performance report electronically. And since we’ve outgrown our space, we will soon move into new offices about three blocks north at 10585 North Meridian Street, Suite 210, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Kevin Alerding | Indie Asset PartnersA Message from Kevin with his thoughts on the Family Office:

Most financially comfortable families have a good lawyer, a good accountant, and a good investment advisor. But the three advisors rarely talk to one another. In fact, the lawyer and accountant tend to be kept at a distance from the client by way of their steep hourly rates. The result is a lack of coordination and missed opportunities.

I have long believed that the multiple family office is a better business model.  A family office can be the multi-generation focal point of a family’s estate, philanthropy, and tax and financial planning. A partial list of family office services can be found on IAP’s updated website. Please check it out. But to appreciate the advantages of a family office, you only need to envision how much more effective your planning would be if your lawyer, financial advisor, and accountant were in regular communication with one another; if information about your business and finances were orderly and readily available; if you could ask questions without an additional charge; if you, your children, and your grandchildren understood the trusts, partnerships, investments, foundations, and connections that tie them all together.

For many years now, Indie Asset Partners has been delivering investment advice, tools and services to high net worth families across the U.S. With the addition of the Family Office, IAP now offers planning as an additional service. We look forward to expanding our relationship with you.