Financial Planning

"Creating a legacy is at the heart of financial planning. "

Indie Asset Partners' financial planning process leads you through constructing a clear vision of your personal, business and family goals, and preparing your finances to support that vision. As a firm of independent thinkers, our advisors apply our own knowledge and experience into crafting a strategy uniquely tailored to you. Based on what you want to achieve, plans can include retirement planning, college education planning, estate planning, and insurance analysis.

Understanding Risk

A driving factor behind financial planning is risk tolerance. Our experience in managing investments during the 2000 and 2008 bear markets gave us valuable insight on guiding clients; by getting to know you, we will have a clear understanding of how all parties involved will react to market fluctuations. Risk influences the amount of money you will need to achieve your plan, regardless of what the stock markets do. Identifying your tolerance helps determine how conservative the tools within your plan should be, allowing you to make investment decisions that are more likely to last long-term. We examine your saving and debt habits, which can uncover attitudes toward risk. Additionally, we advise you on how to change your risk tolerance if it is hindering your financial goals.

A Personalized Approach

For the investment advisors at Indie Asset Partners, financial planning requires a personal relationship with you. It is important to us that you understand the strategy behind the elements of your plan. We are always available for questions and discussions. When your portfolio is under our care, you can rest assured that your assets are constantly being reevaluated to ensure the current market is still supporting your goals. Due to the highly personalized nature of our work, we purposely keep a selective client base, so we may serve our clients well.

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